What are your views on FirstNet in Vermont?

On June 19, 2017, FirstNet and its partner, AT&T, provided Vermont with their proposal for the construction and general costs associated with maintaining a statewide cellular-type network in Vermont specifically designed for the public safety community. The establishment of the network is mandated by federal law. Vermont will have a choice to either accept the FirstNet proposal or build a similar network and accept the responsibility of funding and maintaining the network for the next 25 years. The Public Safety Broadband Network Commission, which includes representatives from the first responder community, are continuing to work with FirstNet on plans for the NPSBN in Vermont. The commission’s engagement with FirstNet will continue in the coming months as a final plan is delivered to the Governor. In addition, the commission is in the process of issuing an RFP for an alternative plan to the FirstNet proposal. Should responses be received to the RFP, the commission will evaluate those responses and will include that review, along with a review of the FirstNet plan, in their recommendations to the Governor. Members of the public safety community are urged to contact their representatives on the commission and share their views and questions on the NPSBN. You may also share your questions and thoughts through the feedback form below. Please note, your feedback is not confidential. If you have any questions about the project, you may also contact the Department of Public Safety program staff working in this program. The DPS contact information is located at the bottom of this page. We appreciate your feedback on the National Public Safety Broadband Network. Your comments are an opportunity to shape the future of this important network.

Please list the public safety organization you are a part of. If you are unaffiliated with a public safety organization, list your business, organization or personal group (i.e. public) from which you are offering your feedback.
Please share your feedback on the National Public Safety Broadband Network in Vermont.


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Visit the national FirstNet web site at: www.FirstNet.gov