Opt-Out Plan Requirements: NTIA State Alternative Plan Program

01 June 2017

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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) plays a key role  in determining whether a state’s opt-out plan meets federal requirements to build and maintain a radio access network comparable to the FirstNet plan. After a state secures approval from the Federal Communications Commission, the NTIA must approve a spectrum lease and grant funding to cover some of the costs of building the RAN. Below are eight standards the NTIA will consider. 

Technical Capability. Does the state, or its partner have the management capabilities, technically proficient staff and necessary infrastructure to construct, operate, maintain and improve the RAN for the duration of the NPSBN operations?

Funding to Support. Does the state have sufficient financial resources to construct, operate, maintain and improve the RAN over the duration of the NPSBN operations?

Ongoing Interoperability. Can the state maintain ongoing interoperability with the NPSBN and comply with evolving interoperability-based network policy throughout the duration of the NPSBN operations?

Comparable Timeline. Can the state construct and begin operations within a similar timeframe to the FirstNet State Plan, including similar rural milestones?

Cost Effectiveness. Can the state demonstrate that the State RAN can be constructed and operated at a similar cost to the FirstNet State Plan?

Security. Will the state adhere to FirstNet security standards in operating its State RAN?

Coverage. Will the state’s alternative RAN provide similar coverage, including rural coverage milestones, to the FirstNet State Plans?

Quality of Service. Can the state demonstrate that users of its RAN will have a similar experience to users of the NPSBN across the nation?


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