Opt-In & Opt-Out

FirstNet is poised to begin the actual build-out of the network with the selection of AT&T as its national partner. FirstNet provided each state and territory with a final unique build-out plan in late September. In Vermont, the Public Safety Broadband Network Commission will examine and evaluate any plans that are prepared and will advise the Governor regarding whether the plan should be accepted. If a state decides to opt-out of the FirstNet/AT&T proposed plan, that state must demonstrate that its alternative plan can meet eight measurements. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration will play a key role in administering the opt-out progression by managing the process for states to enter into a spectrum capacity lease agreement with FirstNet and access grant funds that will cover some of the costs for the construction of a Radio Access Network (RAN) in a given state.  If a state opts-in, FirstNet and AT&T will begin immediate work to give the public safety community access to the network and assume the responsibility of building, maintaining and operating the network over a 25 year period. The deadline for governors to communicate an opt-in/opt-out decision to FirstNet is December 28, 2017.

What are Vermont's Options?

More Details on a State's Opt-In/Opt-Out Decision

To assist the states in this process, FirstNet has developed the following tutorial to highlight some of the major steps and considerations leading up to a governor's decision on a state plan. If you have questions after watching this briefing, please contact the DPS FirstNet project team at (802) 241-5535 or via email at  DPS.PSBC@vermont.gov.

The FirstNet project is housed within the Radio Technology Services unit of the Department of Public Safety. 

Vermont Timeline of Opt-In/Opt-Out

Historic Timeline of FirstNet Project in Vermont


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