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FirstNet in Vermont

FirstNet, or the First Responder Network Authority, is a federal agency formed to ensure the building, deployment and operation of the first high-speed nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety. In Vermont, the Public Safety Broadband Network Commission (PSBC) acts as a guiding group to prepare the state for the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN). Key leadership on the commission represents police, fire and EMS personnel and state agency representatives. The NPSBN will provide a cellular type coverage to first responders, with priority and pre-emption features. Following a 15-month national RFP process, AT&T was selected as FirstNet's commercial partner to build and operate the network. 

No first responder is required to subscribe to the AT&T FirstNet cellular plans. It's anticipated that as the broadband network is built nationwide and in Vermont, coverage and applications will grow. AT&T began to market FirstNet subscriber plans in Vermont in 2018. Visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" page of this web site for more information.

Ongoing Work

FirstNet and AT&T will continue to work with the State of Vermont as it begins buildout of the network. Public safety users already on the AT&T network have free access to priority calling and pre-emption for primary users over the AT&T LTE network. AT&T in Vermont may be contacted for information on FirstNet subscriber options and pricing. Public safety is NOT required to use this network, but may choose to subscribe as services, coverage and competitive pricing is developed that may attract users to the network.

More on the FirstNet subscriber plans

Emergency Medical Services

Law Enforcement

Fire Services

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The FirstNet project is housed within the Radio Technology Services unit of the Department of Public Safety.

Public Safety Broadband Network Commission
Department of Public Safety
45 State Drive Waterbury, VT 05671
(802) 241-5535/ Email the PSBC

Email the PSBC Chair: Terry.Lavalley@vermont.gov

Visit the federal government FirstNet Authority web site at: www.FirstNet.gov

Visit the commercial AT&T FirstNet subscriber web site at: www.FirstNet.com

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