Windham County Firefighters Association Meeting

15 September 2015

Project Managers Tess Gauthier and Tim Tassinari presented to the Windham County Firefighters Association on September, 10th at the Newfane Fire Department. Attendees at the meeting were vocal about the desperate need for connectivity within Newfane and the surrounding areas and complained of a lack of adequate connectivity. Gauthier explained that as part of the legislation that created FirstNet, the build out must meet significant rural milestones for network deployment. The attendees were supportive of the project as a whole but cautiously skeptical that a project of this scale could ever benefit the volunteers in their community. Gauthier and Tassinari encouraged the volunteers to stay connected with the project and expressed the need for their continued support moving forward as the network is planned for and deployed. Attendees committed to makings sure their agencies filled in the survey. One volunteer asked when they could anticipate that we would be back. Gauthier encouraged everyone to stay alert for notification from the Public Safety Broadband Commission, sign up for newsletters, and check the website for ongoing project updates. She also advised that if we need any critical inputs from fire departments around the state, they will hear from us through email, phone, snail mail. Further she said as the state of Vermont gets the Radio Access Network plan from FirstNet, we will need public input.



The FirstNet project is housed within the Radio Technology Services unit of the Department of Public Safety.

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