Fire Service Personnel in Essex Junction & Waterbury Learn About FirstNet

14 September 2016

Members of the Essex Junction Fire Department were briefed on FirstNet as part of a training meeting held on September 12. Twenty-two department members attended the meeting. Fire service personnel acknowledged the value of having a secure and reliable broadband service available to them. Chief Chris Gaboriault explained that his department hopes to begin using Active911 in the near future to aid them in communication related to responding to calls.

The leadership team for the Waterbury Fire Department were briefed on FirstNet on September 13. While the group reported that they had reasonable broadband coverage in their area, fire personnel were interested to learn how FirstNet might bring faster and more reliable service to central Vermont. Radio Technology Services Director Terry LaValley explained to the group that FirstNet would not replace their LMR system. FirstNet would be supporting data only at the start of the rollout. FirstNet is slated to be substantially in place nationwide by 2022. As technology develops, it is anticipated that voice services will also be offered through the network.

Thank you to both groups for taking the time to learn more about FirstNet.


The FirstNet project is housed within the Radio Technology Services unit of the Department of Public Safety.

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