FirstNet CEO Receives Green Light to Make Award

28 March 2017

The national FirstNet board today approved a resolution that authorizes the FirstNet CEO to make a contract award to the winning bidder to build the National Public Safety Broadband Network. Below is the press release posted by FirstNet.

FirstNet Board Advances First Responder Network Procurement Process

Board unanimously votes to move to contract; delegates authority to FirstNet CEO to make award

March 28, 2017 (RESTON) -- The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) today took a critical step to position the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (“Network”) procurement for completion as soon as possible.

“This is a significant milestone for FirstNet and for the public safety community,” said FirstNet Chair Sue Swenson. “We are bringing the procurement to the finish line and soon will be forming an innovative public-private partnership to deploy the Network.”

During today’s special meeting, the FirstNet Board unanimously passed Resolution 84 authorizing the FirstNet CEO to take all actions necessary to ensure the timely award of the Network contract.  Prior to the special meeting, the FirstNet Board, in accordance with FirstNet’s enabling statute, completed its review of the acquisition approach and the request for proposal(s) (RFP) process to identify a partner to build, operate, and maintain the Network.

“I want to thank the Board for this important decision today, which is a critical step in finalizing the Network procurement,” said CEO Mike Poth. “Upon award, FirstNet will immediately start work on delivering this Network to public safety and fulfilling our promise to them.” 

Today’s action follows a number of steps that FirstNet has taken over the past several months to ready the organization for a public-private partnership to deploy the Network, including:

  • In June, FirstNet moved to become a more operational and customer-focused organization by creating its Chief Customer Office (CCO) and the Network Program Office (NPO);
  • In August, the Board approved the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget, which obligated $6.5B to support the award of the Network contract;
  • At the December 2016 Board meeting, FirstNet announced its readiness for a partnership and unveiled its plan for the first three months post-award to guide progress with the future Network partner; and
  • Recently, FirstNet worked with the U.S. Department of Justice to successfully resolve a protest action regarding the acquisition process for the Network.

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