Northfield Fire Department Receives Update on FirstNet

06 October 2016
Northfield Fire Department

As part of their regular training meeting, Northfield Fire Department personnel were updated October 6 on the FirstNet project. The Northfield Fire Department currently enjoys strong cell signal coverage within the town itself, but on calls in some outlying locations of their service area, coverage can be difficult. A goal of FirstNet is to provide a single interoperable broadband platform for first responders. It is anticipated that the actual build-out of the National Public Safety Broadband Network will begin in 2017. It is set to be substantially in operation nationwide by 2022. It is hoped that FirstNet will provide Vermont first responders with secure and more reliable coverage once the network is complete. There were 17 fire personnel at the meeting.

Thank you to the Northfield Fire Department for inviting the outreach team to share a FirstNet briefing.


The FirstNet project is housed within the Radio Technology Services unit of the Department of Public Safety.

Public Safety Broadband Network Commission
Department of Public Safety
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