Introduction from Vermont Public Safety Broadband Commission Chair

15 October 2015

Picture of PSBC Chair Paco Aumand

We are pleased to launch our first ever Vermont Public Safety Broadband Commission (PSBC) Newsletter. As we move forward with preparations and planning for the National Public Safety Broadband Network we will use the newsletter to update you on the critical work of the Vermont PSBC. 

The Public Safety Broadband Commission was created through an Executive Order signed by Governor Peter Shumlin in April, 2013 to help plan, develop, and implement a public safety broadband network. This network is intended to support the voice and data needs of first responders. The Commission's goal is to help implement a Vermont public safety grade broadband network that meets the operability and interoperability goals and specifications of the FirstNet nationwide public safety broadband network. 

We have had an incredible few months since this initiative started and an active summer; we have reached more than 3,000 Vermonters about the National Public Safety Broadband Network. We have listened carefully to the concerns of our first responders throughout the state and continue to document and relay information to FirstNet as a result of these meeting.

The PSBC is made up of a diverse group of Vermont stakeholders from the local and state level. We are here to advocate for first responders, promoting your needs to FirstNet as they build the National Public Safety Broadband Network. Please feel free to contact me or any members of the commission. A full listing of our commission members contact information is here: To stay up to date on commission business, feel free to read our meetings minutes or attend one of our monthly governance meetings:

We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of Vermont’s participation in the development of the National Public Safety Broadband Network.

Warm regards, 

Francis "Paco" Aumand
Chair, Vermont Public Safety Broadband Commission 



The FirstNet project is housed within the Radio Technology Services unit of the Department of Public Safety.

Public Safety Broadband Network Commission
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